Grupo MALL "Inspiration and Dedication can turn a simple project into a masterpiece of Art"


Children at the beachGrupo Mall, a socially responsible company that has the capacity to support the different parts by which it is formed, has created a foundation to support the environment that surrounds it, “Grupo Mall Foundation”, combining and coordinating the effort, talent and experience of those interested in collaborating in actions to improve the quality of life.

The non profit organization, Grupo Mall Foundation, sets office in Campeche, Mexico, in September 2008 with the commitment to support the social, natural, and cultural development of Mexico and the world with solid programs that are made up by temporal projects and permanent programs that involve the communities, the government and the private sector with the final goal to benefit the society and the environment in order to achieve an equilibrium between stable human growth and development.

On a first stage, the efforts of the Grupo Mall Foundation are focused on the Mexican State of Campeche, promoting the company’s ethical values, such as the respect for others, the communities, the environment, and the cultural enrichment.

The foundation has set as its mission the promotion of health, education, culture, and science, as well as the protection and preservation of the environment, joining and coordinating the effort, talent and experience of the people, organizations and companies interested in the collaboration of actions firmly focused on improving their quality of life, their folks’ and those around them.