Legal Information

Legal Information


This legal notice establishes the general information with which information society service providers are obliged to provide consumers and users as required by Art.10 of Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and E-Commerce.

Accordingly, the following points are hereby advised:

INMOPTIONS, S.A. is the sales and marketing company of the corporate group Grupo Mall, specialists in the real estate sector and, more concretely, in the development and management of shopping and leisure centres, lots, industrial buildings, apartments, etc.

The Internet domains , and , are property of INMOPTIONS , S.A. with registered address in C alle Goya 25, 1 Izquierda, 28001 (Madrid-Spain) , and email . Further contact details: Tel. +34 91 781 24 00 and Fax. +34 91 781 24 01.

INMOPTIONS , S.A. is registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid in Volume 21.183, Book 0, Folio198, Section 8, Sheet M-3288. The company Tax Identification Number is : A58736471.


By accessing the website you become a user thereof and fully accept, without restrictions, all the conditions laid out in this Legal Notice.

The content of this Legal Notice may be modified and, as such, acceptance of the Legal Notice published by INMOPTIONS will be applicable to the existing notice at the time of accessing the website. Therefore, each time the user accesses the website, he/she must carefully read the existing Legal Notice.

Furthermore, access to the website is subject to all notices, terms of use and instructions provided by INMOPTIONS, S.A that may substitute, complete and/or modify the present Legal Notice.

Website Terms of Use

The user undertakes to use the services, products and utilities offered by INMOPTIONS, S.A via the website in accordance with the law, this legal notice and further notices and instructions of which they are informed and with generally accepted good practice and public order.

In general terms, access to the information and utilities provided on the website does not require previous user subscription or registration. However, access to some of the services or products offered on the website may be subject to the previous completion of a subscription or registration form. The user guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all the personal details he/she submits upon filling out the subscription or registration form. The user undertakes to and is responsible for keeping all the information he/she submits up to date. Personal details provided by the user will be processed by INMOPTIONS , S.A. subject to the Privacy Policy contained in this website.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

All the brands, trade names, distinctive signs, services, content and information of any kind that appear on this website are property of INMOPTIONS, S.A. and as such cannot be reproduced, distributed, publicly communicated, transformed or modified without the express authorisation of INMOPTIONS, S.A. Website contents include, but are not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, images, software, links and other audiovisual and audio content, as well as its graphic design and source code.

Users will abstain from obtaining content by means or procedures other than those, depending on each case, that have been generally made available or are commonly used in Internet, provided that the latter do not pose a risk of damage or the disabling of the website and/or its contents.

Any possible references made on the INMOPTIONS, S.A website to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the brand, the trade name or the manufacturer or supplier, etc. by third parties does not constitute or imply the support, endorsement or recommendation of INMOPTIONS, S.A., except for companies that belong to Grupo Mall Empresarial.

Exclusion of Responsibility and Guarantees

Contents :

Data, texts, information, images and audio published on the website are displayed for informative purposes only for users interested in this content; accessing said content will not generate any commercial, contractual or professional relationship between the users and INMOPTIONS, S.A. In the event of discrepancy between the information contained in the website and information provided on paper, the latter will prevail. Before taking any action based on the content of the website, users are advised to verify the information by contacting our Customer Service Department on +34 91 781 24 00 or +34 985 25 82 22 or by email .

Availability and Continuity:

To the maximum permitted by law, INMOPTIONS , S.A. excludes all liability for any kind of damage that may result from the lack of availability or continuity of access to the website and its services. In principle, access to information and services provided by this website is of an indefinite duration. However, INMOPTIONS , S.A. , can terminate or suspend access to its website at any given time.

Viruses and Malicious Codes:

To the maximum permitted by law, INMOPTIONS , S.A. excludes all liability for any kind of damage that may result from the presence of a virus or other malicious codes in the content that may cause damage of any kind to users' computer systems, electronic documents or files.


To the maximum permitted by law, INMOPTIONS , S.A. excludes all liability for any kind of damage that may result to users from the use of links, directories and search tools that enable users to access websites owned or managed by third parties.

Illicit use :

INMOPTIONS , S.A. accepts no responsibility for the non-fulfilment committed by users of any valid regulations when accessing the website and/or using the information contained within. Nor shall the company accept responsibility for the illegitimate use of the trade names, brands or other distinctive signs, which, although not the property of INMOPTIONS , S.A. , appear in this website.

Protection of Personal Data

Users can send us their queries by clicking on the contact link and filling in the brief contact that follows.

Advertising Campaigns

INMOPTIONS , S.A. runs advertising campaigns to promote its real estate services. All the campaigns that are run online and on other types of media refer to this website. The advertising campaigns scrupulously respect the Unfair Competition Act, the General Advertising Act, the Organic Data Protection Act and the Information Society Services and E-Commerce Law


All notifications and communications made by users to INMOPTIONS , S.A. will be considered valid, to all effects and purposes, when directed to the Customer Service Department using one of the following methods:

By post to the following address : C/ Goya 25, 1 Izquierda, 28001 (Madrid-Spain).

By telephone to +34 91 781 24 00/ +34 985 25 82 22 or fax to/on +34 91 781 24 01/ +34 985 27 16 27

By e-mail to: .

Likewise, any notifications made by INMOPTIONS , S.A. to users will be considered valid, to all effects and purposes, if and when they are made using one of the following methods:

By post to the address previously provided by the user to the company.

By telephone or faxes sent to the number previously provided by the user to the company.

By e-mail sent to the e-mail address previously provided by the user to the company.

Therefore, in order to communicate said notifications successfully, the user must ensure that all personal information provided is accurate and up to date. He/she also undertakes to advise the company of any changes to the contact details provided.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

This Legal Notice will be construed according to and governed by Spanish Law and any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.